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The NVRDD Team

The NVRDD Team is an efficient team of 911 dispatchers and supervisors who possess excellent communication skills, quick response times, and the ability to prioritize emergencies based on severity. They are resourceful problem solvers proficient in using technology to coordinate emergency responses and work collaboratively with their coworkers, our member agencies and our mutual aid agencies. Through rigorous training and ongoing professional development, they manage stress effectively and demonstrate empathy and compassion towards callers in distress, ensuring prompt and professional assistance during emergencies to save lives and ensure public safety.

Anne Camaro, Executive Director

Glenn Casey, Supervisor

Jessica Fellows, Supervisor

Jennifer Hill, Supervior

Janet James, Dispatcher

Damone Ballard, Dispatcher

James Gendron, Dispatcher

Brian O’Neill, Dispatcher

Charles Myers, Dispatcher

Erin Jillson, Dispatcher

Courtney Perry, Dispatcher

Alina Soto, Dispatcher

James Moffat, Dispatcher

Lee Anne Fors, Dispatcher

Main Number: (978) 772-1900
Fax Number: (978) 772-2050
270 Barnum Rd
Devens, MA 01434